The last 10 years has seen the rise, fall and rise again of the conventional jet charter broker since the market rebounded from the economic mess of 2009. In the last 5 years, technology has offered promising solutions to deliver charter resources to consumers but, nothing that gives them the power to conveniently find and book jet charter in a unique professional environment customized for them. Until now!

Our mission is to provide an ease of booking experience which does not compromise safety above price and offers direct access to more and newer aircraft inventory than ever before in an online and mobile environment customized specifically for you!. Our team of private aviation professionals have extensive experience scheduling and booking roadshows, band tours, last minute A-SAP and large international flights globally and we are always there to support and manage flights for those with demanding schedules.

It's our commitment to sourcing aircraft for our customers in tandem with providing exceptional on and offline services is what we believe will integrate Charter BuNo in to the private aviation community. We are excited to evolve in an industry we are so passionate about and we hope that we will have the pleasure of sourcing aircraft for you, your family and your colleagues.


Henry Thompson